Compliance Management System Features

Management Dashboards »

Dynamic and configurable to the requirements of your organisation.

Forecast of recurring work for resource and budget management.

Track the trend of your compliance level over time.

Prioritise and highlight essential actions, cyclic re-inspections and one off remedials.

Executive and Operational Dashboards allow an organisation to manage recurring cyclical tasks and one off remedial actions through to completion.

Downloads into Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Document Storage and Knowledge Vault »

Storage for Reports, Certificates, Policies, Company Procedures, Regulatory Guidelines, Photographs, Training Records and CAD Site Plans (.dxf )

All documents are accessible by all authorised internal and external users with an internet connection and browser. No user licences need to be purchased.

Advanced property, map and document search facility quickly finds documents, photographs, reports and plans.

Document search scans contents of documents with a PDF preview for rapid retrieval.

Historic document store for archive and retrieval when necessary.

Scan, Store and Retrieve with document archiving service.

Improve Compliance Levels with C365Cloud »

Audit your organisation to determine your level of statutory compliance.

Continually maintain and improve your organisational compliance.

Manage, monitor and control your organisational risk.

Escalate immediate risk to health issues to a satisfactory conclusion.

Duty Holder Obligations for Data Dissemination »

Secure storage area for all compliance areas, reports, photographs, remedial actions, site plans by property and by asset.

Secure access to critical survey information (summary and full report) for all internal staff, third party contractors and stakeholders.

Audit trail to validate the activities of each user, essential for 3rd party management and in the event of HSE investigation.

Smartphone enabled with advanced search and viewing privileges for field operatives.

Third Party Management »

Alert and manage internal resources and external suppliers.

Only internet and browser needed. Eliminates commercial barriers by allowing access to third party without the need for expensive user licenses.

Dashboards and Alerts – allows third party management by exception and performance evaluation.

Audit trail with date and time stamp determines which user has viewed which document.

Message Board announces new working practises.

Keep up to date with latest legislation bulletins and health and safety news.

Annual Subscription »

The system price is on an annual subscription basis ensuring there is no capital outlay for hardware and software licences.

The price is based upon the number of properties with your portfolio and the number of compliance modules selected.

A one off "bring into service" implementation charge is for the reconciliation of all properties with live and legacy reports/certificates and a consultant review of each report to establish outstanding actions.

The price is for an unlimited number of users so is ideal for both regular and infrequent users.

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