Highlight gaps in Policy Documentation
Assess initial level of compliance
Highlight any gaps where further information is required
Property list reconciliation


In date reports & certificates
Historic reports & certificates
Organisational policy & regulatory documents
List on-going outstanding actions


Dashboard and property database
Organisational groupings setup
Internal & external users with login rights
3rd party suppliers for auto alerts


Schedule surveys and re-inspections
Allocate tasks to 3rd party suppliers
Forecast future actions
Exception escalations

Additional Services

Bespoke Software Development

Our ad hoc development services include;

» New features and functionality to align the system
    with your organisation

» Database integration with back office, asset
    management and PPM systems

» Integration into client intranet systems

» Organisational specific compliance module development

Compliance Managed Service

Our service management team can also support your organisation to continually improve its compliance level and offer a full range of outsourced management services;

» Policy review and production

» Property database reconciliation and cleansing

» Third party supplier management and upload service

» Best practise consultancy review and action tasks

» Third party supplier management

» Scan, Store and Retrieve
    centralised document storage and repository service

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